There are many ways to learn more about the Bowling Green Fire Department and fire safety. Below is a list of the different educational activities that the Fire Department offers:

Basic Fire Safety Lesson: The Fire Department will come to your facility and teach students all the basics of fire safety.  Additionally, a firefighter can dress in their protective gear for the students, plus they’ll get a first-hand look at the firetruck and its equipment.

Basic Fire Safety Lesson & Tour of Station:  This activity is geared toward those that want to visit a fire station.  Students will learn all the basics of fire safety, watch a firefighter dress in all their protective gear, take a tour of the fire station and look at firetrucks and their equipment.

Fire Safety House: Walk through a miniature house and learn about being fire safe in your own home.  In addition to learning about kitchen safety, you’ll learn all about how to exit a building safely in case of a fire, plus you’ll get to tour the fire station.  This building is located at the Headquarters Fire Station at 701 East 7th Street.

Hazard House: This is an interactive model house that can be brought to schools to teach students about fire safety.  It is particularly effective when used during health & safety fairs or similar school events.

Firehouse Fest: This event is held in the Home Depot parking lot every October to commemorate National Fire Safety Week. There are plenty of equipment demonstrations and fire safety education materials.  You’ll meet Sparky the Fire Dog and Howard the Hydrant, plus you’ll see performances by the firefighter clowns, get an up close look at all the firetrucks and much more.

If you are interested in any of these fire safety programs, call 393-3120 for more information.